Internet of Things - IoT

Intelligent Device Engineering

IoT is the new revolution which is helping many small and large businesses and automating millions of jobs these days. Whether it is a brand new idea using a PCB design with a micro controller on it with other perephrials, or just a project using Aurdino, Raspberry Pi, Dragon Board, Tinker Board or Firmware writing for ESP32, we have the capacity and required skills do deliver the solution in an agile fashion with maximum customer satisfaction. We have utilized following technologies for multiple projects:

  • Printed Circuit Board Custom Design
  • Microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi ,Aurdino and ESP32
  • Windows IoT Enterprise version
  • Firmware writing for ESP32 and other modules
  • FPGA Architecture
  • Microcontrollers such as ARM, ARM Contex, ARC, 8051, STM32Fx
  • ARM Simulators, RVDS ARM Simulators, GCC ARM
  • Anaren(rezolt) Em-fi kit (STM32F205 MCU), Anaren FA2/FA3 cellular platform (STM32F205 MCU), Nordic NRFgo mother kit
  • Atmel SAM4s , Atmel D20/21 , Gainspan GS1011, Rasberry Pi , ESP WROOM 02 ,STM3240G-EVAL, Renesas S7G2
Some other completed projects with utilized technologies stack are:

  • 5G Protocol Stack ( Upper layers starting from MAC )
  • Fire control communication IOT device for fire control panels
  • E-Bill printing device using Wi-Fi for POS terminals
  • Sonar based water level controller using Wifi
  • Generic IOT stack
  • Low power WIFI IOT Modules
  • GPRS/WIFI based tacking device
  • 802.11 WIFI AISC Chipset ( Upper layers starting from MAC, Wi-Fi certification )
  • 3G Protocol stack ( Upper layers starting from MAC )
  • DVD Recorder (UDF /ISO File system)